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House Portraits and Landscapes in Oils and Pastels

House portraits and landscapes in oils and pastels. My art of painting interesting scenes for clients is varied and is as oil paintings and pastel paintings. Occasionally I will go out on location and paint a countryside scene in pastels and get that painting displayed in an art gallery.  Paintings of scenes are sometimes detailed in their nature and are usually landscape in format. My oil paintings of scenes are always done on highest quality linen canvas or cotton which is determined by the canvas texture most suitable for the the level of detail needed for the house portraits or landscape and scenic paintings, all my canvas, pastel papers, oil paints and pastels are supplied by the very best manufacturers and suppliers of artist canvas; and oil paints in the UK.  If you want to commission me to create a painting for you depicting a scene, please contact me using any of the options available to you on my Contact page!

Enjoy viewing examples of my house portraits and landscapes as oil paintings pastel paintings below and you will also see my pricing structure for them!

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Art by Stephen Bishop.com Standard Prices for House Portraits and Landscape Paintings of Scenes


(Please note that the canvas proportions listed below are the most popular ones, but many different sizes and proportions of canvas can be made.)


(Please see FAQ page for Particulars on Picture Framing, Travel Expenses and Photographic Reference contained within Artist terms and Conditions.)

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Property Portraits

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Property Portrait Oil Painting of Large House. House Portrait Oil Painting. Property Portrait lake Scene, Oil Painting. Landscape Oil Painting of English Forest. Property Portrait Oil Painting of Hong Kong. Landscape Oil Painting of River and Castle. Pastel Portrait of English Castle Ruins. A Portrait of a House in Oils.